Poomsae Class

Arizal Hanafi 06-Desember-2019

For every belt level, there is a specific Poomsae or forms that students need to memorize and practice. Poomsae are a specific pattern of techniques and steps. Before achieving a black belt, students must perfect the 8 different forms for each belt level. Each form represents the techniques that students at that level should become familiar with. As students earn higher belts, they can expect the level of difficulty for their forms to increase as well. During class, Instructors will have the whole class perform the forms in front of them, to provide constructive criticism. Since most Instructors have at least a fourth dan black belt, they should have a deep understanding of all techniques and steps in the forms, including the purpose of each step, and how to best execute those techniques.Students should work hard to perfect their forms, as they will not be able to advance to their next belt level without showing their mastery of the steps.

Training Schedule

19.00 - 21.00

08.00 - 10.00

16.00 - 18.00

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